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Jennifer Evans '13
Graduate Student

Pre-physical Therapy and Public Health Major
BW Honors Program Participant

Hometown: Strongsville, Ohio

What is your career goal five years from now?
I hope to be working as a physical therapist either in an impoverished area in America or abroad.  

What are you currently doing?
I am attending Ohio State University for its three year, year-round Doctor of Physical Therapy program.

How has BW contributed to your success?
Now that I am attending the 19th best program in the nation for physical therapy, I truly realize how much BW has assisted me. People who previously went to BW and now attend graduate school have said BW's curriculum really put them ahead of peers from different schools. Majoring in pre-physical therapy at BW has really given me an edge. I was introduced to topics that other schools do not even offer.

What makes BW's HPE special?
There is a true sense of community where everyone knows each other. You can really count on your professors to not only challenge you, but also simply to be there for you both in and out of the classroom.

What out-of-classroom learning experiences have you had?
I did independent research as a BW Summer Scholar and for my Honors program thesis. I also went to Lubec, Maine, for community based participatory research to uncover prominent health issues in this rural community. I worked on motor skill intervention at the BW Speech Clinic and traveled to Northern Ireland

Who was your BW faculty mentor?
Dr. Amy Jo Sutterluety helped me professionally and personally. She made sure I was prepared for applying to graduate school, wrote my recommendation letters and more.
I knew I could talk with her about anything.

How did the Honors Program enhance your BW experience?
Having classes and experiences dealing with mind boggling topics and being with Honors students from multiple disciplines really created a challenging but enriching atmosphere for me to thrive during my time at BW. Although there are extra requirements to the program, I have always thought of them as enhancements. I believe my Honors thesis set me apart from other students, especially when applying to competitive physical therapy schools.  

What Honors experience changed you as a person?
My freshman year, I traveled to Northern Ireland and worked on a mural to promote peace and reconciliation for one of my Honors classes. Before that class, I never knew about the terrible violence and hatred amongst residents of Northern Ireland. This trip made me personally reflect on my career choice and passions.

Posted May 2013

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