Honors Program

Research. Service. Leadership.
Honors Program
Dr. Amy E. Story
Honors Program Director
Wallace House
(440) 826-2242

Why BW Honors?

We are a motivated and talented community of scholars dedicated to academic excellence, leadership development, and community engagement. Does this sound like you? Then apply today!

Focused on Community

Let Honors be your home away from home! Living together in Honors residence halls, participating in service and leadership experiences, and taking courses with other Honors students allows for you to form meaningful friendships and develop a strong support system that will last not just four years, but a lifetime. Honors will help you collaborate and share experiences with other students who respect your goals and values and encourage your personal growth.

Engaging the Wider World

Beautiful Berea is only a small part of the map that you will experience as an Honors student. We offer opportunities and financial support for you to travel around the world and around town.  More than 50% of Honors graduates study abroad, and now you can even travel with us to Guatemala for an Honors-subsidized experience learning and serving in this stunning and complex nation. 

Closer to home, Honors students are provided numerous occasions to apply what they have learned in the classroom by serving Cleveland-area communities. Community means that everyone has a part to play, and whether it is writing grants for non-profits in your freshman Honors English course or volunteering to build houses over Spring Break, through the Honors Program you can make a difference!

Exciting and Unique Courses

Of course college is all about taking courses, but BW Honors courses will engage you in ways you never thought possible. Courses like The Science and Culture of Food, Plagues and Peoples: A History of Medicine and Disease, Science and Religion: Conflict and Collaboration and historical reenactment courses will enhance your critical thinking by combining different disciplinary approaches to tackle stimulating topics.  Don’t think of these classes as harder, just more fun and engaging than you’ve ever known a class to be!

Developing Your Leadership Potential

Take that step forward and make your voice heard! You know that the world of tomorrow is YOUR world to lead, and the Honors Program wants to ensure that you are ready to inherit that world. Whether you choose to serve as an officer on Honors Leadership Board, designing and implementing programs for other Honors students, guide first-year students as a Peer Mentor, or represent the Honors Program as an ambassador to prospective students, there are plenty of opportunities for everyone, experienced or not, to hone their skills as a leader.


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