Honors Program

Research. Service. Leadership.

Working under the tutelage of a leading medical school professor, Honors student Benjamin Brown '15, is listed as a co-author for a groundbreaking research study published in a renowned journal.

 Jenn Lenart '15 and BW Biology professor Chris Stanton researched the effects of dam removal in Baldwin Creek in a student-faculty research project through BW's Summer Scholars program. 

Student-Directed Research

As one of three pillars of the Honors Program, our focus on student-directed research is about empowering students to learn to ask their own questions and seek sophisticated answers. With numerous options available, Honors students pursue research in every discipline with the guidance of a faculty mentor.

Honors Senior Thesis

Every Honors Program student will culminate their college experience with a thesis project tailored to their needs and interests. While many projects take the form of a traditional thesis focused either on laboratory or text-based research, other students choose creative or technical projects.

Heather Biernacki '15, "Classic and Contemporary Literature: From Reviews to the Classroom"

Courtney Fraley '15, "The Importance of Self-Awareness in Effective Leadership"

Harmonie Grosso '15, "The Effects of Music vs. Competition on Running Performance"

Honors Options

With flexibility and self-direction in mind, Honors Options allow a student to turn any non-honors course into an Honors experience by adding an additional project. Recent examples include:
Aubrie Powell ’15, Music Composition: For an Acting Shakespeare course, Aubrie wrote a new musical score to accompany the class production of All’s Well that Ends Well and directed her fellow students in the musical production.
Amanda Koberling ’15, Theater and Arts Management: As an addition to an internship with the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival in Tennesee, Amanda wrote a manual for managing the festival’s online database.

A Wealth of Opportunities

Additional opportunities to pursue research and produce original creative work abound at BW, many of which can generate Honors credit. Honors students frequently participate in Summer Scholars, a competitive, funded, summer research program. Others work during the school year on collaborative research or creative projects through Faculty/Student Collaborative Research courses. Students who have completed research projects are able to get support from Honors to present their research at academic conferences in their areas of study, or can go with Honors to present at the Mideast Honors Association conference each spring.


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