Honors Program

Research. Service. Leadership.

Honors Courses

At the heart of the Honors Program, Honors courses offer unique opportunities to enhance your skills as an independent and critical thinker. Honors courses are small, seminar-style courses taught by the very best of BW’s faculty.

Interdisciplinary and Experiential

Honors offers a new set of courses each year that help students engage in thinking across subject areas and between the theoretical and the practical.  Often involving hands-on work in the classroom, community, or laboratory, Honors classes provide a setting for experimentation and rich engagement with the liberal arts.

Not More Difficult, but More Deeply Engaged

Intended to be exciting, distinctive, and skill-building, Honors courses do not require more work than non-Honors classes and should not be thought of as “harder” than non-Honors classes.  Our courses provide special opportunities for enriching your education regardless of your area of study.

Recent and Upcoming Honors Courses

Invisible Americans

With a focus on philosophies of social justice and marginalization, this service-learning course helps students bringing theories to life through service placements like tutoring refugees in English or working with teens in the justice system.

Problem Solving I and II

Designed to develop experience and skills in tackling new, unstructured problems, these courses ask students to work in teams to uncover and optimize possible solutions to problems from the fields of risk management, operations research, logic, pattern recognition and more. 

The Science and Culture of Food

An interactive course involving cooking and tasting, this course explores the science behind food preparation as well as the cultural and geographical constraints on what we eat and why .

Reacting to the Past: The Hutchinson Trial

In this Re-Acting to the Past class, students will study the literary and cultural history of 17th century America and then create their own versions of colonial characters as they decide whether or not to banish the radical Anne Hutchinson.


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