Honors Program

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Admission to The Honors Program

There are three ways a student can participate in the Honors Program: 

1) Qualified students for candidacy will receive invitations to apply for the Honors Program.  Criteria include superior high school records, and a desire for intensive study in the liberal arts.  In addition to the students who meet the established criteria, other qualified students may be issued invitations to apply based on recommendations of the admission staff of the College in collaboration with the Honors Program Director.  Students selected to participate will receive special orientation information.  Honors students will receive appropriate acknowledgment on their transcripts upon completing all of the requirements of the Honors Program.

2) Students of sophomore status or above and who have earned a minimum GPA of 3.5 may enroll in Honors courses (with H appended) as designated in the course schedule.  These students are not eligible to complete the entire Honors Program.

3) Transfer students with previous honors-level course work are encouraged to contact the Honors Program Director to discuss admission into the program.


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