Foreign Languages & Literatures

Communiquer. Comunicar. Kommunizieren.

Your potential  career opportunities also offer a very practical reason for learning a foreign language, because the knowledge of a foreign language in connection with other college training can set you apart from monolingual job candidates. 

 It is common for students to double major or minor  in a foreign language and another field of interest.  A minor in German, French or Spanish is only a commitment of 17-18 hours above the 100-level.  

Why Take a Foreign Language at College?

Language classes are both an excellent introduction and complement to your studies at college. Many people have found that studying a language makes them better all-around students, and developing those skills which you began in high school can help smooth the transition to college.  Whenever you study a second language you learn to appreciate the traditions, customs and values of the culture in which the language is spoken.  

Many students have discovered that it is not difficult to combine foreign language learning with other areas of study. For example, you need only two courses in the same language to fulfill the International Studies core requirement, and literature classes in any foreign language satisfy the Humanities Fine Arts core requirements.  A significant number of BW students with various majors also study abroad each year.

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