CLAC 2009 Conference


Pre-Conference Workshop

CLAC 101

"How to Design & Implement a CLAC Program that Works for Your Campus"

Workshop facilitated by
Diana K Davies, Ph.D.
Associate Provost for International Initiatives
Princeton University 

The members of the CLAC Consortium are pleased to offer their first, three-hour workshop, "CLAC 101: How to Design and Implement a CLAC Program in Your Own Campus."  The workshop will provide participants with:

  • an introduction to CLAC philosophy and overview of the history of CLAC;
  • a survey of existing types of CLAC programs at a variety of U.S colleges and universities;
  • specific examples, including best practices and stories about "what not to do" from three institutions with three different types of CLAC programs;
  • hands-on group exercises, geared at assessing your home institutions in order to develop the most appropriate style of CLAC for your campus;
  • information about measuring outcomes and promoting CLAC to faculty, administrators, students and funders/donors.
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