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Language Across the Curriculum (LAC)


Baldwin-Wallace College offers two kinds of opportunities for students to apply their foreign language skills in a variety of courses across the curriculum.  The first involves enrolling in specially designated LAC-embedded courses.  These are regular courses in English, Biology, Economics, Business, Philosophy, International Studies, Political Science and other available subjects where students have the option of doing part of their course work in a foreign language.  In most options students read some foreign language material and/or complete an assignment in a foreign language.

The other opportunity is the one-credit Language and Culture Connections course, available in Spanish, French, and German, in which students can practice the cultural skills that they learn in LAS 200.  You are eligible to take Language and Culture Connections (currently LAS 155-Spanish; LAS 156-French; LAS 157-German) if you will be enrolled in LAS 200 during the same semester or if you have already completed LAS 200.  Fluency in the foreign language is not an expectation, but most students who succeed in the course have a solid background in the language--two years of high school instruction at the bare minimum.

Participating in LAC at B-W gives you these advantages:

  • developing your language skills in an applied, practical setting
  • understanding course material better by reading, writing, and/or discussing the material in the language in which it was written or is often applied
  • gaining a more international perspective, and developing greater intercultural competence, as part of your liberal arts and professional education
  • improving your ability to apply language skills in work settings --a critical skill for after you graduate!

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