Explorations/Study Abroad


Why Study Abroad: Academic Enrichment

Study-away programs are NOT simply sightseeing excursions around the world. Academic rigor and integrity remain at the core of each Explorations trip. Some programs, such as the study tours, are designed and led by B-W faculty members. Like that of a semester-long, class field trip, these experiences allow students and faculty to travel and learn as a cohesive group. Individual trips, on the other hand, enable students to continue their academic studies at foreign or domestic institutions. Whichever program you choose, it will surely enrich your academic experience by..

  • Fulfilling academic requirements
  • Strengthening critical thinking and reasoning skills
  • Increasing your awareness and sensitivity of global issues
  • Providing an international perspective to your academic major
  • Becoming proficient in another language
  • Fostering time management and organization skills

Program Credit

All Explorations/Study Abroad programs earn credit toward B-W graduation. Credit hours, not the letter grades, are transferred. Please keep in mind that if you plan on attending graduate school, you will have to turn in your grade report from the foreign institution. Therefore, this is not a semester that should be taken lightly, because your grades may come back to haunt you. Be sure to discuss the approval of transfer credit with the Explorations staff during the planning phase of your trip. You must discuss your courses with your academic advisor and the Director of Explorations/Study Abroad must approve course selection.
UPON RETURN- A program evaluation is required. Credit will not be granted without completion.
Seminars led by B-W faculty: The courses in these programs carry B-W credit. Programs offer  anywhere from 3 to 16 semester credit hours.
Recommended Programs: Students at our partner institutions are typically allowed to take only 12-15 credits per semester. During this semester, you will normally take 3-5 classes at 3-4 credit hours apiece. Many of these courses have been pre-approved by appropriate B-W departments. Note: Credit depends on the institution and the courses taken. Courses are reviewed by faculty at B-W and considered for transfer credit before the student enrolls at the host school. It is very important to allow enough time to get syllabi and other information from the host institution so that a thorough review can be done on each course the student plans to take.