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Advising Explorations/Study Abroad Students

It is a requirement that all study away students meet with their academic advisor. You will need to implement the following steps to assure your advisee meets his/her academic objectives. We have highlighted your role below.

Step 1: Student and academic advisor meet to add studying abroad to grad plan.

Step 2: Student and academic advisor discuss learning objectives for semester abroad.  

Step 3: Student meets with Explorations/Study Abroad to choose an appropriate program.  

Step 4: Student will apply to the program through the Explorations/Study Abroad website.    

Step 5: Once the student has been accepted into the program, the student will need to choose courses. The student will be responsible for meeting with Explorations and for gathering program course information (i.e. course descriptions and syllabi).  Most of this information is available on the programs website.

Step 6: Student will meet with academic advisor.

  • Academic advisor and the student will complete the Explorations/Study Abroad Program Permit form. Using this form, you will create a list of appropriate courses for the student to take during their semester away. (The student should bring any course information that he/she has gathered, listed in step 4 above).
  • Student needs to choose 6-8 course options even though they will only take 3-5 courses abroad. Students need to have alternative course choices in case a course is cancelled or closes, etc. Some students will not finalize their course schedules until they arrive at their host institution:

Step 7: Once you have approved the course choices and reviewed how the courses will fit into the students major, core, etc., it will be up to the student to take the Program Permit Form and host course descriptions to Department Chairs to determine equivalency and approval.  

Step 8: The final step will be for the students to return the form to the Explorations/Study Abroad Center, where we will complete the students registration for the semester abroad.

Completing an Online Recommendation for a Study Abroad Application

Explorations/Study Abroad utilizes an online application system. This system requires academic advisors to complete an online recommendation that accompanies students Study Away Interest Statements. It is important for advisors to complete the recommendations as they receive them as students will not have access to the second phase of their application until this recommendation has been submitted.

The Student Application Process:

When a student begins a study away application they will be prompted to complete an Interest Statement and to share the statement with their academic advisor. Students are also prompted to request a recommendation. After a student requests a recommendation, the advisor will receive an email from the Explorations/Study Abroad Office with a link to access the online recommendation form. If, you lose the email with the link, do not worry, you can access any pending recommendations by logging in to the Explorations website, with your BW credentials, at anytime. Please follow this link for step by step instructions on how to log in and complete the form Instructions for Advisor Recommendation Form. The Recommendation form should only take a couple of minutes to complete.

Faculty-led Programs

Interested in designing and leading an Explorations/Study Abroad Program?

Faculty-Led Handbook, Requirements, and Application

Field Trips and Risk Management

Off Campus Travel Registration Form 

Forms for Short-Term Travel (1-3 nights off campus) 


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