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Education Requirements for Teacher Licensure Grades 7-12

Adolescent Young Adult Education (7-12) License 

Minimum credits required: 36-37

For the adolescent young adult license, a student must major in an academic area and complete the following required courses. Students certified to teach Integrated Language Arts under this license will earn a B.A. in English.


EDU 101 Introduction to Education and Teaching 2 credits
EDU 102 Introductory Field Experience 0 credits
EDU 103 Education of Children with Special Needs 3 credits
EDU 104 Technologies for the K-12 Educator 3 credits
PSY 205 Developmental Psychology 3 credits
EDU 201 Teaching Strategies and Management Skills 4 credits
EDU 202 Intermediate Field Experience 0 credits
EDU 206 Introduction to Adolescent Education 2 credits
EDU 340 Assessment of Teaching and Learning 2 credits
EDU 348 Reading in the Content Area 3 credits
EDU +350 Special Methods in Adolescent Young Adult/Multi-Age Teaching Field 3/4 credits
EDU 487 Student Teaching: Adolescent Young Adult Education OR 10 credits
EDU 490 Student Teaching: Multi-Age Education 10 credits
EDU 488 Senior Seminar 1 credits
EDU 489 Multicultural Seminar 1 credits

+Must have a grade of C or better. C- is not a grade of C. If a grade of C- or below is earned, the course must be repeated.

English and Speech Communication Courses required for licensure in Integrated Language Arts
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