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Independent study is an academic investigation carried out under faculty supervision.
It provides an opportunity for a student to explore an area of special interest.

Independent Study in English

Guidelines for Independent Studies (ENG 050)

I. Supervision: No faculty member is obliged to supervise independent study, but any faculty supervisor of ENG 050 must be a full-time English department member with expertise in the proposed field of study.

II. Prerequisites

  1. Any student doing an independent study must have a minimum GPA of 3.00.

  2. Normally, students will be expected to have taken ENG 133 before doing an 050 in creative writing; ENG 210 before doing an 050 in linguistics; and six hours of literature at the 100-200 level plus four hours of literature at the 300-level before embarking on an 050 in literature.

III. Credit Hours and Major Requirements

  1. A student is allowed up to 10 hours of independent study in English, the maximum permitted by college policy.

  2. A single independent study in English may range from 1-4 semester credit hours.

  3. ENG 050 credit does not normally count toward the major in English. On a once-only basis, and then only with the permission of the department chair, a 4-hour independent study may be accredited as a 300-level English class counting toward the major.

  4. As stated in the college catalog, a student may not do an independent study on any subject already offered by the department unless that course is offered less often than every two years.

IV. Nature and Purpose

  1. Independent studies are granted on the basis of a student's academic and intellectual interests and are intended to encourage independent thought and research. Students approaching a potential supervisor should have a specific proposal in mind, not merely the vague idea that they would "like to do some kind of independent study."

  2. Independent studies will not be granted merely to resolve a scheduling problem, e.g., because someone needs a certain number of credit hours but cannot find a course available at the right time. Neither is the purpose of an ENG 050 to reduce students' workload or to offer a break from the routine of regular class attendance. In fact, because students pursuing an independent study gain additional hours from not attending scheduled classes, they should be able to spend more time reading, studying, and writing than a student enrolled in a class. Therefore, the department expects that the amount and quality of work in an independent study will be greater than that for a class on the 300 level.

  3. The supervising faculty member must consult with the student's academic advisor to be sure that the study is a valid addition to the student's academic program and does not duplicate work done for other courses in other departments.

V. Types
Independent studies may be of the following kinds.

  1. Examination of an area of literature or linguistics, or of an interdisciplinary context involving literature or linguistics, which the student wants to explore in a manner not possible in an ordinary course;

  2. Creative writing or journalism;

  3. Special writing projects of a kind appropriate to an English department, upon approval of the department as a whole.

                                                                                                                                     Policy Revised Fall '98
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