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Guidelines for Internship in English (ENG 070)

I. Departmental Restrictions

  1. Internships are limited to off-campus situations.

  2. To be eligible for an internship, a student must have a  minimum GPA of 2.5. 

  3. No more than three semester credit hours of internship may be granted through the English Department, and it may not be used to satisfy either the English major or the core curriculum requirements. 

  4. No department faculty member is obliged to supervise an internship, but all faculty supervisors for ENG 070 must be full-time English department members.

II. Departmental Expectations

  1. The student must do the equivalent of ENG 111 in terms of both the quantity and the quality of writing. The supervising faculty member may require additional reading or writing. The latter might take the form of a journal, a report, or a personal essay in which the student thoughtfully reflects about the experience. 

  2. The supervising faculty member should consult with the student's academic advisor to be sure that the study is a valid addition to the student's academic program and is not duplicating work done for other courses or in other departments. Moreover, before the internship is initiated, the supervising faculty member must discuss with the student's employer the appropriateness of the internship for credit in English. 

  3. The student should meet with the faculty supervisor a minimum of three times during the internship

  4. At the conclusion of the internship the student will submit a portfolio of all work done. This portfolio will be used in determining the student's grade.

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