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Awards and Scholarships

shakespeare.JPGEach year, the English department (in some cases in conjunction with other departments or the Office of Financial Aid) chooses recipients of the following awards which are announced on Honors Day.  These are not awards and scholarships that students apply for; the department chooses recipients based on information in its records and, in some cases, on personal experience. 

     1.  The A. W. "Bud" Collins Prize in Creative Writing. To a graduating senior, regardless of major, who submits material showing creative achievement over a period of time and preferably in more than one genre.

Recipient in 2014: Matthew Gesicki

2.  The Twila Haines Coxon and A. Williams Coxon Scholarship.  To a sophomore or junior English major based on academic achievement and creative potential.

Recipients in 2014: Nicole Campeotto and Brent Skoda

     3.  The English Department Essay Prize. Made possible by a gift from  J. Richard Hankins Swift.JPGwho taught at BW for over 30 years and was also the first Director of the BW Writing Lab, which he helped to establish.  For an outstanding essay submitted in an English course.

Recipient in 2014: Nicole Campeotto

    4. The Amelia and Clara Harding Scholarship.  Established by the Harding Family (Amelia, BW 1936; Charles, BW 1937; Clara).  The Harding family have been benefactors to Baldwin Wallace in many ways over the years, and Amelia Harding taught the English Methods course for the department.  Preference is to be given to an academically superior student who intends to pursue a degree in secondary education.  Consideration is given to candidates active on campus and/or in extra-curricular activities, and who show promise of making future contributions to society.

Recipients in 2014: Heather Biernacki and Caroline Dugan

    5. The Robert Howells Memorial English Scholarship.  Robert Howells served as Professor of English at BW for over 20 years until his untimely death in 1988, and was awarded the Strosacker Award for Excellence in Teaching.  For academic achievement, with preferable emphasis in American studies.

Recipient in 2014: Jenna Burnett

    6.  The Ruby V. Redinger Prize.  Ruby Redinger, member of the English Department from 1951 to 1980, winner of the Strosacker Award for Excellence in Teaching, was author of an acclaimed novel (The Golden Net, 1948), and highly-regarded biography (George Eliot:  The Emergent Self, 1975).  Presented to the graduating senior English major with the highest grade point average in English courses taken at BW.

Recipient in 2014: Timothy Murphy

    7.  The Dr. Neille and Jeanne Shoemaker Scholarship.  Neille Shoemaker was a member of the English Department for over 25 years, and was also distinguished for his scholarship and administrative leadership ability.  The scholarship is awarded to an English major according to academic achievement.

Recipients in 2014: Russell Brill, Tessa Comnick, Sydney Crago, Kayse Schmucker, and Abigail Snow

    8. The Bertha Stiefel Scholarship.  Bertha Stiefel was both English professor and Director of Placement at BW.  Her scholarship is awarded traditionally to a freshman English major who has shown unusual promise. 

Recipients in 2014: Olivia Nanyes and Faith Nordine

The following English majors and minors were selected as the recipients of other prizes awarded on Honors Day, 2014:

Outstanding Senior Awards of Class of 2014

Recipients in 2014 included: Alexandra Farone and Sophia Viglione








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