Teacher Licensure Programs of Study

Structured on the theme of Teacher as Reflective Decision Maker, BW's teacher education curriculum includes numerous field experiences, seminars, class sessions, assessments, and remediation procedures.

Students prepare for teacher licensure in the following areas:

Early Childhood (Pre-Kindergarten - Grade 3)
Middle Childhood (Grades 4 - 9)
Adolescent/Young Adult (Grades 7 - 12)
Multi-Age (Pre-Kindergarten - Grade 12)
Mild/Moderate Educational Needs (Kindergarten - Grade 12)

Click on the links below for additional program information, including curriculum outlines.

Baccalaureate Programs

Undergraduate degree programs for students who have not yet earned a bachelor's degree.

Licensure Only Program

A post-baccalaureate program for students who hold a degree from BW or another accredited college or university, and wish to earn an initial teaching license without completing a master's degree.

License+Master's Program

A master's degree program for college graduates who wish to earn an initial teaching license.

Master of Arts in Education Program

A master's degree program for licensed teachers to expand their professional credentials, bring their teaching practice to a new level, master the latest technologies, and enhance leadership skills in their schools and communities.

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