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Clinical Practice/Student Teaching

Goals of Clinical Practice

The purpose of clinical practice is to provide a structured experience for learning and refining the skills necessary to become an effective teacher of students with diverse abilities and backgrounds.  The teacher education candidates are expected to exhibit the abilities to organize, plan, communicate, and evaluate learning experiences.  Teacher education candidates will participate in all activities typically expected of their cooperating teachers, gradually assuming increasing responsibility.

The clinical practice experience is performance-oriented, that is, the teacher education candidates are evaluated on the basis of demonstrated competency acquisition.  Clinical practice demands a reflective commitment to flexible problem-solving.  Successful teaching occurs when one initiates and implements a variety of instructional strategies that address the individual needs of students.  The faculty members in the School of Education expect each teacher education candidate to:

  • participate in a full semester of clinical practice, which will include several weeks of sustained full-day teaching;
  • follow established school and classroom routines, procedures, and policies;
  • develop effective teaching skills under the supervision of the cooperating teacher and the university supervisor;
  • develop interpersonal skills responsive to the needs of students;
  • develop solutions to classroom challenges;
  • work collaboratively with other professionals;
  • successfully apply the professional literature and make use of other resources for effective teaching and problems solving; identify and develop personal and professional strengths; identify and address personal and professional areas which require attention; and reflect upon and refine a philosophy of teaching. 

General Information:

Clinical Practice Application Forms:


Clinical Practice Information and Forms for the:


Background Check Requirements for Licensure:

Ohio law requires that all individuals must have a baseline BCI and FBI criminal background check at the time they apply for their first Ohio educator license, certificate or permit, and those BCI and FBI background checks must be no older than one year (365 days) at the time they are used for initial licensure.

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