Digital Media and Design


Programs of Study - Digital Media and Design

While all students in this major take required courses in the fields of art, communications and computer science, additional coursework is determined by students choosing between two tracks of study:

Interactive Media Design


Visual Media Design

Study in this track involves more advanced programming and database skills; the focus will be more sophisticated Web programming including developing sites with a higher level of user interactivity and database connections which include considerations such as security concerns.

  Study in this track focuses more on the artistic and creative aspects of design.  Rather than emphasizing computer programming, the Visual Media Design track is concerned with teaching effective digital communication through the use of compelling multimedia design.
Careers appropriate for this type of preparation are likely to include:
  • Web developer/programmer
  • Educational media development
  • Interactive media development
  • Online marketing
  This track is most appropriate for students interested in the following careers:
  • Graphic designer
  • Web site designer
  • Multi-media news producer 


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