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Dance Program


The Dance Minor program is designed for students who intend to have a career in the performing arts, or work in related fields such as Dance Therapy, Exercise Science, Dance Education or Arts Management. The program offers analytical, imaginative and physical study of movement with an emphasis on developing sound technical, compositional, and performance skills. The dance minor is a perfect complement to BWU’s Theatre and Music Theatre Majors.


Students are required to take Ballet I, II and III, Jazz I, Tap I and Modern Dance I, Injury Prevention and Health for Performers, Dance History, Dance Production and Performance, Backstage Experience and Improvisation and Choreography. In addition they may choose a minimum of 5 semester credits in any of the level II –IV Tap, Jazz or Modern Dance Technique or Ballet IV courses for a total of 23 credits.

Beginning and advanced beginning level pointe classes, hip hop, partnering, Dance in America and Human Anatomy are available as electives and there are at least two master classes in other dance forms (African, Irish, Flamenco, Classical Indian) offered during each school year.


All dance minors are required to participate in the Dance Program’s annual dance concert, fyoo zh en which pairs student choreographers and composers to collaborate on new dance works. Students may submit a proposal to choreograph, audition to dance in the concert, or, work backstage.

Other opportunities to create work and perform are offered throughout the school year including Testing Ground, an in-studio, informal showing of new works, and Easter Dance Hunt, which showcases site specific works in and around Kleist Center for Art and Drama. Dance minors are also encouraged to audition for roles in the Theatre and Music Theatre Departments’ productions.

Ultimately, the Baldwin Wallace Dance Program strives to produce well rounded dancers with a sound technical foundation, while nurturing their creativity and appreciation of the art form.


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