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An FLC or Faculty Learning Community is a community of practice centered around a particular area of course design or method.

6-12 faculty gather into a faculty learning community to develop or redesign courses or programs that meet significant institutional needs. They are compensated for their creative work with a stipend and, often, funds for travel to related conferences.

FLC members are expected to meet regularly, complete their project in the timeframe set by the FLC, and disseminate their ideas both internally and externally.

We are currently offering the following Faculty Learning Communities:

Creating Engaging Experiences Online:  This FLC is charged with redesigning existing courses into 8 week hybrid distance learning courses with an experiential component.

Language Across the Curriculum (LAC):  This FLC in LAC will focus on developing syllabi, activities, pedagogical goals, and assessment measures, and then teaching one credit-hour supplemental language offerings to be taught in conjunction with LAS 150 in the core program and/or with multiple-section courses in other programs.  This will start in the Fall, 2007 semester.

Accelerated Course FLC:  This FLC will redesign currently offered courses into minimester or immersion learning formats for an adult population.  

Urban Semester Experience FLC:  This FLC will focus on the creation of an urban semester experiene at BW's Archwood House including program and course development, pedagogical goals, co-curricular activities, community partnerships, experiential learning and assessment measures.

Case Study FLC:  This FLC will integrate key elements of real world situations into selected courses at BW.  The goal will be achieved by developing a series of cases to be used in business, math/computer science, ethics and other disciplines.

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