Public Relations

Department of Communication Arts & Sciences
Kleist Center for Art and Drama
(440) 826-2278


Career Opportunities

  • Event planning                 
  • Journalism                    
  • Media relations
  • Desktop publishing          
  • Human resources         
  • Fundraising
  • Public service official        
  • Sales                           
  • Corporate and non-profit community relations


Creative and communications-focused, public relations is a dynamic field where target audiences of communities, corporations and consumers blend with strategic plans involving marketing and media relations.


From public speaking to persuasive messaging, to publicity releases, you will learn the basics that will prepare you for a career in public relations.  You will gain the writing and oratory skills needed for success and build an impressive presentation portfolio to showcase your work.


Connections through PRSA and IABC put you in contact with over 100 area professionals who can help guide your career through networking, informational interviews and job shadowing experiences.


Real-world experience bridges theory with application.  You will work on community campaigns, media kits, research projects and more.  Through internships, independent study projects and involvement with the student PR Club, you will participate in resume-enhancing and portfolio-building opportunities that will prepare you for success in this competitive field. 



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