Communication Studies


Public Relations Program

Baldwin Wallace is now offering a comprehensive program in public relations. This program provides students with the basic knowledge necessary for understanding this form of communication.  Students who complete this emphasis will gain knowledge and skills in the following areas: fundamentals of communication, public relations campaigns, journalism, public relations research, and persuasive strategies. Students will also learn business skills and gain knowledge in their particular area of interest. The program will encourage a multi-disciplinary approach with the collaboration of several departments.  Lastly, students will particpate in extracurricular activities supplemental to the PR program.  Some of these opportunities are:

-Membership in BW Chapter of International Business Communicators Association
(Learn more about IABC/BW by clicking here)

-Guest Speakers

-Job Shadowing/Internships

-Leadership Opportunities

The PR Minor includes CAS-120 (3 credits), CAS 126 (3 credits), CAS 230 (3 credits), CAS 410 (3), CAS 226 (3 credits) or , ENG 232 (3 credits), and six credits from BUS 305 (4 credits), BUS 358 (3 credits), BUS 409D (4 credits), BUS 410 (3 credits), BUS 330 (3 credits), BUS 333 (4 credits), and BUS 436I (3 credits).

Minimum total credit hours needed for this minor is 21.


IABC Cleveland Student Brochure (in PDF format, will open in new window)

IABC/Baldwin Wallace Constitution (will open in new window)

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