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MS Project 2013 Fundamentals


October 6, 2015

9 am - 4 pm; $429 - 6 PDU; Baldwin Wallace, Berea

This one-day, hands-on course provides an overview of MS-Project and its functionality. Conducted in a PC Lab environment, students will get a opportunity to work with the tool while receiving support from an experienced and knowledgeable instructor/coach.  

Students will have a opportunity to develop a project schedule from scratch, get comfortable with entering information into MS-Project, then using the base schedule to understand a manage resource allocations, task assignments, and the project labor budget. MS-Project also offers a depth of reporting functionality and students will learn how to create and modify reports for their project communication needs.

Target Audience: Any project manager, program manager, or project administrator that is unfamiliar with MS-Project, needs a "refresher", or is new to MS-Project 2013.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the capabilities of MS-Project
  • Enter task information
  • Develop a project schedule by setting task dependencies, work efforts, resource allocations, and task assignments
  • Identify and display the schedule's critical path
  • Use reports to communicate the budget, resource usage and utilization

Course Outline:

  1. Introductions and Definitions
  2. Overview of MS-Project Functionality and Layout
  3. Setting the Project Profile
  4. Entering Tasks
    • The Work Break Down Structure
    • Exercise #1
  5. Entering Dependencies
    • Types of dependencies
    • Options
    • Exercise #2
  6. Entering Work Effort
    • Exercise #3
  7. Using Resources
    • Setting up resources
    • Applying resources to tasks
    • Resource leveling
    • Exercise #4
  8. View and Display Optimization
  9. Managing and Manipulating the Plan
    • Tools available for analysis
    • Exercise #5
  10. Reports
  11. Tips and Tricks
  12. Wrap-up




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