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Implement Strategy and Change Behavior

Skills for Executing Strategy
Currently not scheduled
9 am - 4 pm; $349;
Instructor: Tres Roeder, MBA, PMP

Change agents are called on every day to execute strategy. In this highly interactive workshop, you will learn practical tools and frameworks for execution of new strategies. This groundbreaking workshop combines unique structural tools with practical insights into people. Course modules combine project management fundamentals and cutting-edge neuroscience with Roeder Consulting's tested frameworks and real-world experience.

You are encouraged to bring a project for discussion and development. During the course, you will develop a pro-active and integrated approach to the key structural and people-related challenges of your project. Also, you will learn methods to ensure that the new strategy “sticks.” Lessons are designed for maximum impact and recall and are combined with team break-outs, group discussions and entertaining and stimulating learning activities. Participants are encouraged to register early. Enrollment is limited.

Powerful tools and frameworks combine with real-world insights to deliver an energetic and educational workshop on execution of strategic change. You will gain an enriched perspective on your project. Your ability to coordinate the structure and people-related challenges of your strategic change management project will increase.

Key Skills Developed

  • Transform behavior
  • “Hard wire” change into the organization’s daily operations
  • Communicate effectively
  • Deliver Project Management skills that lead to results

Course Outline:

Our "BOW TIE" methodology incorporates structure and people into a uniform approach to change

Structure – strategic execution requires structure to manage the change process and integrate the changes into daily operations. Our tools expand on commonly accepted project management principles.

People – often overlooked or short-changed, people-related elements make or break your project

Build – find out our five keys to an effective vision for change
Operate – learn how to create a powerful platform for change
Wire – discover how to “hard wire” changes so they “stick” after the project team goes away

Transform – learn from cutting-edge neuroscience how to change behavior
Inform – learn what should be communicated when
Engage – obtain tested techniques to engage people in your change effort

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