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Advancing Your Facilitation Skills

Date not yet determined
Day 1: 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Day 2: 9 a.m. - noon
$549; Baldwin Wallace, Berea
Instructor: Ellen Burts-Cooper

It takes practice and skill to successfully bring people together, in person or virtually, to gather information and reach high-quality decisions about important issues.  Advancing Your Facilitation Skills teaches you how to effectively help your customers, users, and colleagues reach consensus and arrive at the best business solution.  You値l learn facilitation techniques you can use to lead meetings that result in increased participation and improved productivity.

 This interactive class prepares you with a structured approach to follow when planning, conducting, and following up on your facilitated face-to-face and remote meetings.  You値l learn different facilitation techniques and when to use them.  Throughout the course you値l also learn how to address group dynamics including how to constructively deal with conflict during a session.  Most importantly, you値l have many opportunities to practice these skills.  By the end of the training you値l have the confidence you need to plan and facilitate a successful business meeting or workshop.

Target Audience: Anyone who wants to learn or improve on facilitation skills.  It痴 especially useful for those who perform a role that requires them to facilitate interactive meetings that must result in consensus and productive business outcomes. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Use various facilitation techniques to achieve the best outcome
  • Select and use the appropriate facilitation tools for a situation
  • Develop a structured approach to planning, conducting, and following up on both in-person and remote facilitated sessions
  • Manage group dynamics, including conflict resolution and disruptive behavior

Course Outline:

  • Introduction to Facilitation
    • Definition and requirements of facilitation
    • Facilitated exercise on ice-breakers
    • Ground Rules purpose and use
    • Practice introduction session
  • Facilitation Preparation
    • How to prepare for the workshop
    • Room layout, tools, and equipment
    • Setting up the remote session
  • Conducting the Session
    • Facilitation techniques
    • Matching facilitation technique to need
    • Practice facilitation session
  • Managing Group Process
    • How groups form
    • Common group behaviors
    • Keeping groups focused
    • Conflict management
    • Addressing distracting behaviors
    • Practice dealing with challenging participants
  • Tools to Support the Facilitation Process
  • Leading Remote Sessions
    • Practice running a remote meeting
  • Follow-up to Ensure Success
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