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Lean Operations

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9 am - 4:30 pm; 21 PDU; Baldwin Wallace, Berea

Instructor: Dirk Hooiman

A Lean business operation – be it in financial services, healthcare, government, manufacturing or consumer services – is one in which all activities are focused on delivering results in the most efficient way. The goal of a Lean Operation is to use less effort, fewer resources and less time to create value…but it is not a cost reduction program. It is a mindset that delivers long-term benefits for the organization and the customers it serves.

This three-day course is a practical immersion into the world of Lean. It delivers a wide-range of Lean tools and concepts and enables participants to apply their new skills in three rounds of a simulation. Each round of simulation establishes a measurable baseline and builds on the previous simulation as new tools are added , thereby demonstrating the practical benefits of a progression of Lean techniques The simulation enables the participants to learn how to apply Lean Operations in any organization or aspect of the business and to demonstrate in a measurable fashion how each set of tools impacts the outcomes.

Learning Objectives:

  • Shorten service and cycle times
  • Reduce service or product backlog
  • Eliminate waste and non-value-added activities
  • Improve quality and establish a problem-solving culture

Target Audience: Directors or manager of operations; functional managers or supervisors; members of a process improvement team; professionals in an organization that relies on efficiency.

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