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Process Innovation

May 7 & 8, 2013

9 am - 4 pm; 12 PDU; $799; Baldwin Wallace, Berea

Instructor: Ralph Smith

The tools and techniques of Process Innovation go beyond finding creative solutions to business process challenges; they provide the context and direction so that your organization's investment in process change yields meaningful and lasting returns.

Your organization must be able to do more than streamline operations. Process innovation is essential. Innovation, when added to solid process management techniques, creates sustainable operational excellence, i.e. advantages in speed, value, quality or cost that are unique to your organization. This includes the use of cutting edge "Blue Ocean" and process leveraging techniques to generate ideas for breakthrough performance.

Learning Objectives:

  • Evaluate the business return of process improvement alternatives
  • Think outside the "process box" 
  • Devise innovative process designs based on customer needs
  • Leverage process excellence to foster growth
  • Create a Strategy Canvas to assess  the impact of processes on strategic position

Target Audience: Engineers; managers in manufacturing, service, healthcare and public sector organizations who need to reduce costs without cutting staff or service. 

Course Outline:

  • Improvement, Innovation and Strategy
         I.        The Business Case for Process Innovation
                       A.        Process change: Does the customer care?
                       B.        Measuring strategic process performance
                       C.        The Process perspective of the Balanced Scorecard
                       D.        Improvement strategies: continuous improvement versus reengineering
       II.        Continuous Improvement Innovations
                       A.        Cause-and-effect / affinity diagrams
                       B.        Identifying necessary process changes
     III.        Reengineering Innovations: When tweaking will not suffice
                       A.        The Five Max method
                       B.        Process Extension
                       C.        Kano Analysis
     IV.        Strategic Innovation: Leveraging process excellence
                       A.        Market Extension
                       B.        Enterprise Creation
                       C.        Blue Ocean tools and the Strategy Canvas
         I.        Organizing for Success
                       A.        Roles and responsibilities
                       B.        Project planning
                       C.        Team situation case studies
       II.        Behavioral Change
                       A.        Winners and Losers from Change (w/workshop)
                       B.        Top Ten Facilitation Tips
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