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Ignite Your Negotiation Performance

November 27, 2012
8:30 am - 4:30 pm; $399; Baldwin Wallace, Berea
7 PDUs
Instructor: Dan Coleman

This highly interactive, innovative, and energizing negotiation skills training program is designed to significantly strengthen negotiation, creative-thinking, and problem-solving skills. This fast-paced non-conventional learning experience enables individuals and groups sometimes seen as adversarial and unaccustomed to partnering, to explore and use a robust creative-thinking approach for negotiating collaboratively. This program will give participants the knowledge, skills, practice, and confidence to become skilled negotiators.

Marketing, operations, sales, and supply chain manager's work in highly competitive and complex environments where customers have an ample supply of competitively priced, high- quality products and services to choose from. Buying organizations continue to consolidate the number of suppliers that they work with, reduce their annual spend, and demand increased quality levels. Marketing and selling organizations continue to implement new approaches to differentiate their products and services, thereby escalating their requirements on supply chain and internal operations resources. Facing these time-based pressures, many managers are "caving" on a host of issues including product and service specifications, price, terms, supply, and delivery.

Change the game and develop the strategies, tactics, and skills necessary to claim the value of your products, quality, and service capabilities, and to leverage your buying power. During the program, you will use three engaging case simulations to effectively plan, negotiate agreements and resolve disputes using a dynamic, creative problem-solving approach, receive expert and peer feedback, and apply the tools to your specific negotiations. This hands-on program will equip you with the knowledge, skill practice, and confidence to negotiate more creative and profitable agreements for your organization.

Learning Objectives:

  • Implement strategies and tactics to plan for and lead a creative problem-solving negotiation process
  • Apply a diagnostic framework to pinpoint and clarify the needs, interests, issues, and priorities of all parties
  • Accelerate the use of creative problem-solving methods and tools to generate multiple options that produce value for all parties
  • Identify the primary obstacles that prevent agreement, and map out tangible approaches to minimize or eliminate them
  • Sharpen communication, framing, influence, and persuasion skills
  • Improve versatility to work with people of opposite decision-making and problem-solving styles

Target Audience:

This program is designed for managers from marketing, operations, sales, supply chain management, and internal support teams who need to improve their negotiation performance with external and internal customers. Many organizations prefer to send a team to the program as this fosters a learning experience that jump starts an immediate application to their real-world negotiation issues.

Course Outline:

Using a Creative Problem Solving Approach to Negotiations

  • Apply an integrated negotiation and creative problem-solving approach
  • Identify and prioritize high-potential negotiations
  • Plan negotiation strategies, tactics, and process
  • Use a full array of communication, trust, and relationship-building techniques
  • Discover, clarify, and redefine the real issues, interests, and priorities across the negotiation
  • Participate in a one-on-one negotiation case simulation
  • Transfer application to organization-specific negotiations

Negotiating in Collaborative & Competitive Environments

  • Create multiple alternatives and structure agreements in collaborative and competitive environments
  • Use framing, power, influence and persuasion
  • Make tradeoffs and use linkage to select among the issues and proposals
  • Identify and adapt to different problem-solving and decision-making styles
  • Participate in a team-based negotiation case simulation
  • Transfer application to organization-specific negotiations
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