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Mastering Finance Fundamentals

October 14, 15, 16, 2014
8 am - 5 pm; $1599; Baldwin Wallace, Berea
Instructors: Lori Radulovich and Susan Kuznik
21 PDUs

Master the fundamentals of business finance through team-based learning using a business simulation. This hands-on course will improve your knowledge of financial and managerial accounting by teaching you how to conduct financial analyses on small capital budgeting projects, division budgets, and a company's financial reports. You will gain decision-making skills and financial terms knowledge while running a business in a simulated marketplace with your course teammates. 

Multiple topical areas are covered in this seminar, with key attention paid to the financial and strategic implications of business decisions impacting the firm. Participants will experience the systems approach to business operations through a simulation. Knowing how an interrelated and interdependent organization affects functional areas and the bottom line are key learning outcomes.

Other topical areas include:

  • Financial Management (Ratio analyses, capital budgeting, shareholder value, etc.)
  • Systems Management (Organizational dynamics, interrelationships and interdependencies)
  • Strategic Management (Business and tactical strategy)y
  • Operations Management (Research & development, production, manpower planning)
  • Total Quality Management (Administrative cost reduction, cycle time improvements)
  • Human Resource Management (productivity improvements, training, recruiting)

Learning Objectives: 

  • Understand the basic accounting process and preparation of accounting statements
  • Read and interpret financial statements using key financial ratios and performance metrics
  • Perform Capital Budgeting Analysis using accounting and financial concepts to make decisions more effectively
  • Understand the financial impacts of decisions made in every area of a business through an interactive business simulation 

Target Audience: Managers, project managers, and analysts from all functional areas who are new to using financial and accounting statements to evaluate a project, perform financial analysis, and create a capital budget.

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