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Custom Solutions and Services

Our Partnership Begins with a Conversation

We work hard to learn your culture, understand your goals, what inspires you, and what challenges you face. We take that information and work with you to determine where your organization needs to be along our ‘Spectrum of Customization.’

Not every company needs a curriculum created from scratch. In many cases, clients benefit from some combination of our existing continuing education offerings paired with some customized learning opportunities. Every partnership is unique and we will work together to find the right solutions for your organization.

By building dynamic partnerships with our clients and creating customized executive education services, we are providing inspiration and a fresh perspective to company leaders, managers and teams.


When you work with the Baldwin Wallace Professional Development Department, you gain the support, insight, and knowledge of the renowned BW Business Division and our educators. Our business curriculum is based on sound business theory with a strong focus on real-world applications.

Our instructors have practical experience and present information in a compelling and relevant manner. Your team walks away with new ideas, a new level of understanding and a new drive to put these ideas into action.



Provides project managers with the tools and processes to reach desired outcomes including resource management and delivery of products and services on deadline and on budget. The curriculum focuses on planning, risk management, communication, and charting and tracking tools.


Focuses on the tools and techniques of Process Innovation and helps participants find creative solutions to business process challenges. The course provides specific context and direction so that your organization’s investment in process change yields meaningful and lasting returns.


Offers a variety of programs designed to enhance leadership ability. Programs focus on decision making, problem solving, facilitating productive meetings, successful delegation, coaching, driving change and improving communication and negotiation.


A targeted curriculum can be developed to focus on your specific industry. The customized program can examine industry-related issues in depth and help you develop solutions specific to your organization. The Baldwin Wallace faculty includes members with rich backgrounds in healthcare, banking, technology, and manufacturing among others. Partner organizations can tap into faculty expertise to develop effective initiatives.

Contact us for a private consultation to accomplish your organizational objectives at (440) 826-2253 or


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