Conservatory of Music

From Bach to Broadway

Lalene DyShere Kay, ACC, MT-BC

Director of the Cleveland Music Therapy Consortium

This Music Therapy client with whom Professor Kay has worked for several years enjoys music and is very enthusiastic about trying new instruments and especially figuring out how they are played/make different sounds. 

The drum is a good instrument for supporting coordinated gross motor movement (tracking the "beat" of song being sung by the therapist) and for encouraging mid-line crossing in the arms. 

The Q-chord (essentially an electronic autoharp) encourages letter identification (through recognizing chord letters on the button board), fine motor development (by pushing the appropriate-lettered buttons), and decision-making and creativity/exploration of sound (through the various choices of rhythm, tempo, volume and musical style).

The piano is a "socially-acceptable" instrument which encourages musical exploration with one or two-hand playing and where the therapist and client may play simultaneously or alternately (encouraging taking turns and possibly musical imitation).


See Lalene Kay on our local NBC affiliate for her Mother's Day Drum Circle!


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