Summer Music Programs


A typical day at Music Theatre Camp

A camper's day begins early! The first activity of the day begins at 8:30 am and both resident and day campers are kept busy. A typical daily schedule might go like this:

  8:30am - Voice Class
  9:30am - Movement Class
10:30am - Acting Class
12:15pm - Lunch
  1:15pm - Afternoon activity
  2:00pm - Music Theatre Workshop
  3:30pm - Recreation
  5:00pm - Dinner
  6:30pm - Master Class / Rehearsal
  8:00pm - Evening Activity
10:30pm - Lights Out

Afternoon activities may include swimming, outdoors activities, arts and crafts and field games.  Evening activities may include trips to Swings-n-Things Family Fun Park, a dance night with DJ, movie night, and the student Talent Show.   

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