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Summer Institute for Music Teaching and Learning
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Boesel Musical Arts Center
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To register for a course offering please click here, click enroll for under the you would like to attend and fill out the online form.

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Housing will be available on-campus for both Gordon Institute and Orff-Schulwerk classes in the newly renovated, air-conditioned and suite style Davidson Commons.

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All programs are offered for-credit for both Graduate and Undergraduate Students.

International students may register as a not-for-credit student and must call the Outreach office to pay for their course between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm Eastern Standard Time, Monday - Friday at 440-826-2365.


(International students are responsible for attaining their own visa.)

Summer Institute for Music Teaching and Learning

Providing high-quality professional development for music educators in workshops coordinated with Ohio Standards and contextualized for the music educator.

Invest a few hours this summer...

...apply new ideas & techniques in your music classroom
all year!


2015 offerings are listed below. Registration is now open!

Please note: the professional development courses are not available for non-credit or audit. 


Intermediate Guitar Skills for Educators
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June 15-17; 12:00-4:30 pm

Lalene Kay, MT-BC, Instructor; 1 credit; $195

This course will pick up where previous, introductory guitar courses left off, to provide new repertoire
and enhanced techniques. Participants may bring any acoustic guitar or rent one from BW for a small

West African Drumming, Song, and Dance; An Introduction to Afro-Centric Music

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June 15-19; 9:00 am-4:30 pm

Josh Ryan, Instructor; 2 credit;$315

This course will draw on Prof. Ryan’s 20 years as a student and performer of Afro-centric music and will involve participants actively drumming, singing, and dancing. The focus will be on building participants’ familiarity and confidence in several Afro-centric traditions and how those traditions can be incorporated into an American classroom.  


Creating, Performing, and Responding to Music with Technology

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June 22-25, 9-4:30

William Bauer, Instructor; 2 credits; $315

This workshop will focus on the development of technological skills and pedagogical strategies for utilizing technology to help students create, perform, and respond to music. In addition, participants will explore applications of technology to organizational and administrative tasks, as well as ongoing professional development. The workshop is taught in a Macintosh lab, but cross-platform and cloud-based technologies will be prioritized. Participants may bring their own laptops if desired.


The iPad in Music Education

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June 29 & 30, 9-4:30

William Bauer, Instructor; 1 credit; $195

iPads are a portable, adaptable technology that can be used in many ways by music educators and their students. This workshop will explore how the iPad can support creating, performing, and responding to music in classes and rehearsals. Topics will include apps, hardware add-ons, iPad-friendly online resources, pedagogical approaches to using the iPad with students, and more. All workshop participants need to provide their own recent model iPad and have Apple’s GarageBand software installed.


Creating and Measuring Learning Objectives in the Kodály-Inspired Classroom

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June 29 & 30, 9-4:30

Nyssa Brown, Instructor; 1 credit; $195

This course will focus on how Kodály-inspired methodology, a knowledge and skills-based pedagogy, can provide a solid foundation for documenting students' musical achievement, including SLOs.  Sample learning activities, scope and sequence, curriculum maps, assessments, and suggestions for communicating with educational leaders and decision makers will be included.

Orff-Shulwerk Teacher Education Course Level I*      

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July 6-17 (Monday-Friday); 8:00 am-4:30 pm

Tim Purdum, Laura Webster & Alan Purdum, Instructors; 4 credits; $610

Develop Orff-Schulwerk principles and techniques through instruction in recorder, pitched and unpitched percussion, singing, movement, and Orff process. An A.O.S.A.-approved course. 

Orff-Schulwerk Teacher Education Course Level II*

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July 6-17 (Monday-Friday); 8:00 am-4:30 pm

Michelle Przbylowski, Laura Webster & Alan Purdum, Instructors; 4 credits; $610

For those who have successfully completed Level I, this course includes a focus on rhythm, melodic experience, Orff instrument technique and musicianship, movement, recorder play improvisation, Orff theory, and orchestration. An A.O.S.A.-approved course. 


Gordon Institute for Music Learning*

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Early Childhood Music Level 1

July 20-July 31 (Monday-Friday); 8:30 am-5:00 pm

Jennifer Bailey and Herbert Marshall, Instructors; 4 credits; $710

Learn techniques, repertoire, and a theoretical framework for guiding the musical development of young children, birth - kindergarten. Cost includes $100 one-year membership in the Gordon Institute which is required to receive Level I certification. 


*On-campus housing is available during the Orff-Schulwerk and Gordon Institute for Music Learning! 

+Gordon Institute course tuition requires a $100 fee for Gordon Institute membership and certification.


Registration is open, please click here to enroll in a Summer Institute course. If you have any questions, please email Curtice Lockhart (Program Coordinator,

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