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Music Education Major

Educating students to become articulate leaders - leaders that are not only intelligent and resourceful, but can also facilitate the highest quality learning in the music classroom.

That's our educate students to become articulate leaders, to develop greater understanding of the learning and teaching process, and to develop the aspiring teacher's ability to create independent musicians.  As one of Ohio's top rated music education programs, we strive to create professional educators that are not only intelligent and resourceful but can also effectively facilitate learning in the music classroom.


  • Beginning as early as the freshman year, students observe music teachers and begin supervised teaching experience in the field
  • Baldwin Wallace has a unique network of Cleveland area schools which provide students with real-world observation and teaching opportunities
  • The highest quality musical training, provided in a Conservatory setting, enhanced by on-campus experiential learning programs like New Horizons Band and OCMEA
  • All music education majors study with Conservatory faculty, perform in major ensembles, and are fully eligible for all performance & scholarship opportunities through the Conservatory and the University
  • Option to elect a double major in music performance and music education - backed by a comprehensive advising program to assist in keeping all students academically on track

In the ever-changing landscape of education, we are proud to say that one hundred percent of BW music education graduates pass the PRAXIS II for teacher certification and have been successful in obtaining teaching positions locally and across the nation.  Want to join their ranks?  Keep reading...

TEACH! Our comprehensive curriculum of both choral and instrumental instruction prepares students for licensure in music for Pre-K through grade 12.  It is a given that upon graduation, our students go out and obtain teaching positions across the nation, but many of our graduates find employment opportunities outside of the classroom as well:

Private instrumental/vocal instruction
Administrative roles within arts and education organizations
Church and/or theatre music directors
Non-profit work

All Baldwin Wallace music education majors graduate with a Bachelor of Music Education (B.M.E.) degree and are required to take Conservatory core classes including large-group ensemble, music theory, music history and literature, and applied instrument lessons.  Liberal arts classes emphasize educational skills with an emphasis in classroom instruction, teaching philosophy, psychology, and sociology.  View the complete degree requirements for music education majors in the University Catalog.

The moment you've been waiting for...Clinical practice in music education is as real-world as it gets - and allows students to utilize the techniques, skills, and abilities (we call it "the toolbox") they've acquired throughout their time at Baldwin Wallace.  Working collaboratively with experienced music educators in local school districts, BW music education students spend an entire semester practicing instruction in the field.  An integrated assessment process provides students essential feedback, both from their cooperating teacher, and from a series of on-site observation assessments.  What is working?  What can be improved?  Students learn to utilize their complete "toolbox" as they respond and interact with the real, everyday challenges presented in a music education classroom. 

Clinical practice is taken concurrently with a senior capstone seminar, held one evening per week in the Conservatory, which allows all senior music education students to discuss their clinical practice experiences with their instructors and colleagues. 

"Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself."
        - John Dewey


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