Conservatory of Music

From Bach to Broadway

Keyboard Performance

We invite you to join one of the most innovative piano programs in the country.  Our faculty boasts performing artist-teachers who are also experts on the relationships of movement and music, on wellness of body and attitude, on chamber music and musical collaboration in all its forms, on the teaching of piano, and on exploring and understanding the learning process.  In addition, the members of the keyboard performance department have developed an abiding trust in one another that has enabled a unique and dynamic educational experience for our students.

Highlights of the Keyboard Performance curriculum:

  • Three to four private lessons per semester with an instructor other than their primary teacher
  • Access to all members of the faculty for advice on specific pianistic and musical challenges
  • Regular studio classes led by different faculty members and involving students from each of the piano studios
  • Option to attend other students' lessons on a regular basis
  • Coaching on collaborative repertoire from all the members of the piano faculty
  • Pedagogy classes led by or shared by all the members of the faculty


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