Conservatory of Music

From Bach to Broadway

Music Theory, History & Literature Departments

The Department of Music Theory and History & Literature offers a variety of classes that fulfill many important roles that are essential to the undergraduate music major.  Through our varied course offerings, we seek to create a deeper understanding of how and why music can so powerfully connect with a listener; to establish the historical and stylistical context in which students hear, understand, and appreciate the music they perform; to provide the reading and hearing skills needed by competent and competitive professional musicians; and to encourage students to refine their musical voices through study of the craft of composition.  We maintain an active scholarly presence within the Conservatory through discussing musical topics in monthly colloquia, presenting scholarly research, guiding student research projects, and helping students to realize their musical voice through the study of composition.  The Department offers majors in Music Theory and Music History.

Dr. Beth Hiser
Chair of Music Theory, History & Literature, and Composition Department

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