Jim McCargar, Professor

My goal as a physical chemistry teacher and scholar is to provide students with classroom, laboratory and research experiences that are transformative.  That is, when a student enrolls in a class, laboratory or research, I want them to complete the experience with the ability to better think critically in the understanding and solution of chemical problems.  I urge students to reflect and assess their own progress.  This approach to student learning provides an opportunity to develop abilities and a confidence that will serve them throughout their college and professional careers.

    B.A.     SUNY Potsdam
    Ph.D.   Kent State University

    Post Doctoral Experience
                  University of Cincinnati
                  Liquid Crystal Institute (Kent State University)

Research Interests

My research interests span a number of areas related to physical chemistry, chemical physics and chemical education.  Within the area of physical chemistry, I am interested in the adsorption of molecules from aqueous solutions on various substrates and the solubility properties of pesticide metabolites in aqueous and non-aqueous systems.  In chemical physics, I am interested in spectroscopy (the interaction of light with matter) and computational chemists (the use of computer algorithms to determine optimal molecular geometries, energies, molecular orbitals, vibrational modes and frequencies, etc.) to determine the structural and chemical properties of molecules.


     "Infrared Spectrum and Group Theoretical Analysis of the Vibrational Modes of Carbonyl Sulfide", Michael J. Tubergen; James W. McCargar, J. Chem, Educ., 77, 1537 (2000).

     "Rotational Spectroscopy and Ring Puckering Conformation of 3-Hydroxytetrahydrofuran", Richard J. Lavrich, Rachele L. Rhea, James W. McCargar, and Michael J. Tubergen, J. Mol. Spec.  199, 138 (2000).

Contact Information

Dr. James W. McCargar
Professor of Chemistry
Baldwin Wallace University
275 Eastland Road
Berea, OH  44017

Phone:     (440) 826-2257 (Bonds Room #201D)
FAX:          (440) 826-2399



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