Jacket Link/Bridge

Baldwin Wallace University
JACKET LINK/Summer Bridge Program
Phone: 440-826-3360
Email: caps@bw.edu

JACKET LINK/Bridge Program


Who is eligible to apply for the Jacket Link/ Bridge Program? 
The Jacket Link/Bridge Program is open to incoming, full-time freshmen. First-generation college students will particularly benefit from participation in this program. 

When is the Jacket Link/Bridge Program?
Students will move-in Sunday, August 16 and participate in the summer portion of the program until Wednesday, August 19. A schedule for Jacket Link/Bridge sessions and required activities planned for the academic year will be provided during the summer program.
How much does the Jacket Link/Bridge Program Cost?
There is a $75 registration fee for the summer portion of the Jacket Link/Bridge Program. All other expenses, i.e. meals, housing, and cultural/social activities will be covered by Baldwin Wallace University for the summer portion of the program.
If you require financial assistance to participate in the Jacket Link/Bridge Program during the summer, please complete the Application Fee Waiver Form, available at the link provided. Your eligibility will be determined.
How do I apply to the Jacket Link/Bridge Program?
There is a short online application available. Simply click the link, and complete the form. If you are unable to complete the online application, please contact the Center for Academic and Professional Success at (440) 826-3360.
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