Center for Academic and Professional Success (CAPS)

Center for Academic and Professional Success
Bonds, room #205


The Center for Academic and Professional Success is dedicated to helping students achieve their potential in  their college years and beyond. We recognize that professional and lifetime success begins with academic success, so we link together a number of important resources for students.  Our goal is to help students develop the tools they need to not only succeed while they are here at Baldwin Wallace University, but to succeed after graduation as well. 

Center for Academic and Professional Success resources:


Career Services 

Carmen Castro-Rivera, Director, (440) 826-2101,

Contact Info: Bonds 104


Come Early and Often!  Career Services can help guide you through the career planning process and help you link your academic experience to the real world. We have assessment tools to help you identify your interests, skills and values and learn how those relate to your academic and career goals.  We provide information and services on resumes, interviewing, jobs, internships, graduate school and more.  We can also connect you with alumni, graduate school recruiters, and prospective employers in your desired field.  This might seem a bit overwhelming but career advisors can help you sort it out and make a plan.


Honors Program


Amy Story, Director, (440) 826-2242,

Contact Info: Wallace House


The Honors Program helps motivated and talented students make the most of their college experience by joining a community of scholars dedicated to academic excellence, leadership development, and community engagement. Both a curricular and co-curricular program, Honors offers unique and exciting courses, mentoring, leadership training, career preparation, a living and learning community, opportunities to engage in meaningful service experiences, and more.

The Learning Center


Alsace Toure', Director, (440) 826-2147,

Contact Info: Ritter Library 203

Our mission is to engage and empower Baldwin Wallace undergraduate students to become active, independent learners.  We are committed to providing innovative, diverse support programs, services and resources designed to encourage unique student development and to promote academic excellence.  Our vision is to foster an interconnected community of learners by offering progressive and enduring support services that cultivate the foundation for personal and professional excellence.  Some of our programs include:
·         Academic Coaching- individual consultation sessions for undergraduate students to assist in the cultivation of strategies (test taking, self-management, note taking, concentration, etc.) for academic success. 
·         BW SMART – portal to the Learning Center’s academic resources, programs and services.
·         Math Resources – math tutorials and information on overcoming math anxiety.
·         Math Specialist – individual tutoring for students looking to improve math study skills and overcome math anxiety.
·         Outreach Programs – LC staff members will come and present to groups or classrooms on a variety of topics related to academic success and campus resources. 
·         Success Seminars – topics include self-management, note taking, overcoming math anxiety, concentration, etc.  Offered three times per week in Ritter Library. 
·         Supplemental Instruction – academic assistance program that provides peer assisted study sessions. 
·         Tutoring  - individual, group and eTutoring are available for many undergraduate courses. 


Disability Services

Baldwin Wallace University recognizes students with disabilities as an aspect of diversity that is integral to society and to the campus community. To this end, the Disability Services for Students (DSS) collaborates with students, faculty, and staff to create usable, equitable, inclusive and sustainable learning environments.


Baldwin Wallace University is dedicated to making education accessible to students with documented disabilities. To determine appropriate accommodations, it is essential that the student self-disclose information about his/her disability(ies) to DSS. In addition, the student is asked to provide documentation of the disability and complete an application for Disability Services. Upon receipt of the documentation and application for services the DSS Specialist will request a Student Welcome Meeting to determine appropriate accommodations. See additional information on how to connect with DSS.


Explorations/Study Abroad

Christie Shrefler, Director (440) 826-2231,
Contact Info:    Strosacker , 2nd floor
College is all about growing academically and personally, as well as graduating with a diverse experience. In order to achieve these goals, each semester Baldwin Wallace students travel to countries throughout the world and study at foreign universities. While abroad, students earn credit for courses, develop valuable professional skills, and grow into broad-minded, global citizens. Despite the benefits, though, less than 10% of college graduates study abroad. So, set yourself apart from others and give yourself a competitive edge while adding diversity to your resume.
The Explorations office provides off-campus opportunities across the globe and in the United States, offering programs in over 20 countries and six continents. Programs are offered to all majors for an academic year, a semester, a summer, or a couple of weeks. Also, students can choose to study independently at BW partner institutions or through faculty-led programs. Students can study independently at a university abroad in almost every academic discipline or on a faculty-led program which will expose students to specific topics in locations around the world while being accompanied by a BW faculty member and a group of BW students. Regardless of your individual needs and interests, the Exploration/ Study Abroad office is here to help you find the right program.  
So what are you waiting for? Go ahead...explore your world!





























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