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Sixto Torres: International Business and Entrepreneurship Major

“I plan to do some very big things in my future."
Sixto Torres landed on the Baldwin Wallace University campus right out of Lorain High School with enough credits to be classified as a junior. The International Business and Entrepreneurship double major, accounting minor says he accomplished this feat by enrolling in the Early College Program that allowed him to take classes at Lorain Community College earn dual college and high school credits.

“I grew up going through Lorain and Elyria city schools. That's where I learned the importance of education because I noticed at a young age the correlation between poverty and a lack of education.” Sixto says. “That is why I wanted to enroll in the Early College High School program. It gave me a huge leg up in terms of being prepared and developing maturity.”

"Before Early College, the longest that I attended a single school was two years,” he continued. But Sixto sees advantages to the moves. “I feel that helped me become more of an individual because I never settled in one place with one group of people.”

Sixto also prepared for college by involving himself in a variety of activities like leadership conferences, regional spelling bee, choir, band, community service, and sports. “I like to be well-rounded,” he says and that’s a path he’s continued at BW where he pledged a fraternity, joined the swim team and got involved in SIFE (Students in Free Enterprise).

“Lately, I have been focusing on becoming more professional and more respected by those around me in the business world. I plan to accelerate that goal by taking up opportunities at BW that allow me to stand out-- opportunities such as the CIG (Center for Innovation and Growth) Student Fellows program and the CIG internship.”

“BW has helped me with networking because there are so many experienced individuals on the faculty covering so many different areas,” he says. “Although my focus now seems small, I plan to do some very big things in my future.”


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