BW at Corporate College East

BW at Corporate College East



 Advisors, analysts, and allocation managers' accountants play a critical role in the success of today's businesses by offering insights and strategies that lead to effective decision-making, policy development and financial operations.

 Beyond calculations, accounting focuses on a holistic approach to business management.  You'll gain technical accounting and financial skills, as well as broad-based, functional business knowledge.

Interning at renowned corporations and leading government agencies in Cleveland and nationwide offer you real-world opportunities. 

Class sizes range from 15-20 students.  Whether it's participating in group discussions, community or corporate partnership programs, or professional student organizations, you'll interact with BW faculty and business leaders focusing on today's relevant issues.

Accounting is a marketable career choice that includes positions as:

- financial analyst                             - stock brocker                      - tax specialist
- corporate accountant                     - forensic accountant            - auditor

Offered as a major and minor

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