MBA - International


MBA in International Management (IMBA)

The MBA in International Management (IMBA) is designed to prepare leaders to understand, analyze and solve the complex problems of global business. This program teaches the management skills needed to succeed in the culturally and ethnically diverse environments inherent in multinational corporations.

This program, launched over 15 years ago, was the first of its kind in Ohio.  It successfully combines leadership and teamwork. 

Through readings, class discussions and team projects, students learn problem-solving skills, effective communications, group dynamics, team leadership, human resources management and international management skills - ideal preparation for the dynamic business environment of the 21st century.  And because IMBA classes average only 22 students, participants learn through interaction with classmates who bring widely varied backgrounds to group discussions and team projects. 

Some graduate-level international programs teach you only theory, but not at Baldwin Wallace.  Students learn about international business and culture through interaction with students and faculty from around the world. 

Our faculty have both taught and worked overseas.  Their backgrounds include having held positions in nations from around the globe, including Brazil, China, India, Japan, Russia, Spain, Thailand and Turkey - to name a few. 

The program can be taken part-time (one or two courses per term) or full-time (three courses per term).  When taken part-time, the program can be completed in two years.  When taken full-time, the IMBA can be completed in one and one-half years.


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