Center for Innovation & Growth


CIG Undergraduate Activities and Programs

The Center for Innovation & Growth helps you consider how to make a living and pursue your passion.  The Center will connect you to students, faculty and leaders who have lived the experience first-hand and will share their perspective, knowledge and networks to help you find success. 

Be prepared for hands-on learning as you examine real-life business challenges and create innovative solutions alongside faculty and mentors. 

CIG Student Fellows Program

The CIG Student Fellows program is designed to provide BW students the opportunity to experience and explore what entrepreneurship and innovation can mean in their lives and careers.  They will have the opportunity to meet global and local leaders in innovation; the opportunity to work on projects that will give them first-hand experience with innovators, and explore concepts of innovation and entrepreneurship with other CIG Student and Faculty FellowsContact Lori Long ( for more information.

Growth Consulting Projects
Our more experienced student entrepreneurs and innovators have the opportunity to work with our CIG partners as well as other area companies, not for-profits, and governments on projects around achieving growth through innovation.  The growth consulting projects offer students the opportunity to work with our Growth Partners -- experienced, entrepreneurial professionals -- who lead the project teams.  The students use the skills they have developed through other CIG experiences and coursework including Voice of the Customer, value proposition development, and opportunity research. Contact Lacey Kogelnik ( for more information. 

Other Campus-wide Innovation and Entrepreneurial Programs

Through CIG as well as other BW programs, not only do students have the opportunity to learn about innovation and entrepreneurship, but also to BE innovators and entrepreneurs. Some of the ways to BE an entrepreneur include:

Innovation Concept Competition
Have an idea for a business that has been bouncing around in your head?  See a problem that you are convinced you can provide a solution?  The Innovation Concept Competition is your chance to work with other BW students to test and further develop your idea.

Business Clinic
Through the Business Clinic, student consultants, both at the undergraduate and graduate levels, are fully trained in all aspects of business plan development.  Students have the opportunity to work with Executive Volunteers who have run small and large organizations, have a passion for helping other business owners, and for economic development in Northern Ohio.

Enactus (formally known as SIFE)
A global, non-profit organization, Enactus helps students develop leadership, teamwork and communication skills as they learn, practice and teach principles of free enterprise to improve the standard of living for millions around the globe.  Contact Phil Bessler ( for more information.

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