Innovation & Entrepreneurship


Program Directors

Ven Ochaya

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Thomas Sutton

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Field for the Future 

Whether it's for an existing organization or a new business venture, there is high demand for creative, innovative and entrepreneurial thinkers. Career areas include: 

  • Innovation
  • Creative fields
  • Intraprenuership
  • Business leadership
  • Entrepreneurial marketing
  • New product/business development
  • Strategic and business planner
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Business and cultural change agents

Major in Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Turn Passion into Opportunity and Build Opportunity into Success

Today's challenging and ever-changing business environment needs idea-generators, people who are strategic thinkers with a creative mindset and a passion for problem-solving.

If innovation and entrepreneurship intrigue you, we'll
help you develop the mindset and skills to succeed.

Designed as a second major

Social sciences, physical sciences, humanities, business—it doesn't matter which area you pick as a primary major. Through our program, you'll build on that knowledge and learn how to infuse innovation and entrepreneurship into a career field that excites you. The end result is that you'll graduate with a double major and an impressive skill set.


You will learn...and experience...entrepreneurship. Through coursework you'll gain conceptual, analytical and creative problem-solving techniques that are real-world focused.


Field studies, personal interviews with successful entrepreneurs, and consultant opportunities enrich the program and allow you to apply entrepreneurial thinking. Combined with our capstone project seminar, these experiences will give you a powerful career portfolio you can use to impress potential employers, venture capitalists or graduate school personnel. 


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