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Harvey Hopson

Harvey Hopson

Harvey Hopson was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and raised and educated in Cleveland, Ohio.  He received his undergraduate education at Baldwin Wallace University, earning a BA degree in political science.  Upon graduate from Baldwin Wallace, Harvey attended law school at John Marshall College of Law at Cleveland State University where he earned a Juris Doctorate degree and became a member of the Ohio Bar.

After law school, Harvey entered the United States Marine Corps where he enjoyed a 26-year career as a judge advocate.  During his career, Harvey worked in a variety of jobs, including serving as a prosecutor, defense counsel, legal advisor, Staff Judge Advocate, lead instructor and head of the legal department at the United States Naval Academy, head of the Research Division at Headquarters Marine Corps with the Pentagon, General Court Martial Circuit Judge for the Keystone Judicial Circuit responsible for the western pacific region covering Japan, Korea, Thailand, the Philippines, Guam, Okinawa and Hawaii, and Chief Defense Counsel of the U.S. Marine Corps.  He was also senior member of Defense Institute of International Legal Studies (DILLS) team that taught executive seminars in 19 different countries with a program that operated under the auspices of the United States State Department.

Upon retirement on October 1, 2000, Harvey accepted a position at Baldwin Wallace University as the Director of Graduate Program Services within the Division of Business Administration.  Currently he serves as the Director of the International MBA program.  

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