The SC Team

With experienced students, staff, and professional mentors, we are the first step in guiding you on the sustainability roadmap to make a positive impact on social, environmental, and economic aspects of your organization.

Student consultants, both at the undergraduate and graduate levels, are chosen based on educational background, passion for sustainable practices and communication skills. A lead consultant, selected from faculty and local organizations dedicated to helping other business owners, offers significant input to help the student consultants and the business owner throughout the process.

Our Team 

Dr. David Krueger

Dr. Krueger is co-director of BW's new sustainability major and director of the new Institute for Sustainable Business which serves as a resource to our campus and to the northeast Ohio business community.  David created the Sustainability Clinic as an arm of the ISBP, due to the success of his Green Business class and witnessing how students can conduct sustainability projects for businesses.

Born and raised in Illinois, David received his B.A. from Carthage College, an M.A. in religion, an M.A. in public policy studies, and a Ph.D. in ethics from the University of Chicago.  Prior to his work at BW, he was executive director of the Center for Ethics and Corporate Policy in Chicago, a nonprofit organization that brought together the business, academic, and religious communities of greater Chicago for conferences, consulting, ongoing programs, and research in business and organizational ethics.  

Student Consultant Champions

First Row:
Halle Kirsch, 2013
Major: Sustainability
Mark Warman, 2012
Major: Sustainability and Biology
Sarah Michelle Brigadier, 2015
Major: Sustainability/Biology/International Studies
Patrick Hoffman, 2013
Major: Sustainability
Second Row:
Sonny Grzybowski, 2016
Major: Sustainability
Tori Scozzaro, 2014
Major: Sustainability
Keith Pech, 2014
Major: Sustainability and International Studies

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