The Sustainability Clinic

Gregory Sponseller, Jr.


(440) 552-3440

Rebecca Newbould

Projects and Engagement Coordinator

(440) 503-5450

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It is the mission of the SC to provide the clear-sighted roadmap to sustainability for any Northeast Ohio organization as well as provide professional experience to students which can translate into future careers in sustainability.

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For any Northeast Ohio municipalities, community development organizations, and private companies, we offer a variety of sustainability consulting services designed to make their operations more sustainable, benefiting the client’s triple bottom line. Please return to homepage to fill out info form if you would like to connect with the SC.


The SC can identify and recommend strategies that significantly reduce costs for both the client, the environment, and the community. Sustainability can be defined as anything that can reduce an entity's cost of existence or impact on another system. Such factors include anything associated with actual economic or environmental costs for the entity, such as energy utilization, water use and treatment, land use, transportation.

To arrange a meeting and learn how a SC project can help your company, contact Greg Sponseller, Jr. SC Director at or (440) 552-3440.

Paid Internships available throughout the academic year!
 Interested in interning with the SC? Whether you are studying Sustainability, Business, Biology, Physics, Education, etc., the SC many be a great fit for you. The SC can also fulfill your experiential credit (EXP credit) requirements.

Volunteer for the SC! 
Are you interested in getting experience with the SC, but aren't quite ready for an internship? Then become a volunteer! Examples of volunteer positions include social media, marketing, public relations, and Editor.

Please fill out our student application form and send it to Rebecca at Click form here: SC Student Form

Become a Mentor! The SC is always looking for professional mentors to provide guidance to SC student consultants during projects. Please contact Greg Sponseller, Jr. SC Director or at (440) 552-3440.


Become a Partner! The SC is looking for partner companies to help build on the success of the SC. Please contact Greg Sponseller, Jr. SC Director at or (440) 552-3440. 


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