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Business Honors Program

The School of Business Honors Program provides a challenging opportunity for exceptional business majors. The initial focus of this offering promotes a predisposition toward the exploration of contemporary business issues that can reshape the business world. More specifically, its focus will enhance the student’s self-awareness of one’s potential and the development of professional research, writing and presentation skills.

Sophomore and junior students are invited to apply for admission to the School of Business Honors Program during the fall and spring semesters of each academic school year. Students currently enrolled in the University Honors Program are encouraged to consider the Business Honors Program. Students with a 3.5 GPA or better are eligible to apply to the Business Honors Program in the second semester of their sophomore year or later. Students NOT in any honors program at BWU may take business honors courses if they hold a GPA of 3.5 or better and obtain permission from the Business Honors Director, Dr. Susan Kuznik, and the course instructor. Minimum credits required: 10-12 credits 

Required Courses:

BUS 290H Fire Hoses & Teacups: Innovative Research for the XXIst Century (3 credits)

An introductory research methods course designed to introduce the business student to foundational research skills and apply these skills to specific research topics. In this course, students will identify a research problem, complete background research, read published articles, summarize the findings, and develop their professional writing and presentation skills. The ability to take a fire hose of information and distill it into a teacup is one focus of this course!

BUS 461H Honors Capstone Consulting Project (4 credits)

Open to students formally accepted into the Business Honors Program, University Honors Students who elect courses to satisfy upper level requirements, and business students with Business Honors Director approval. This course is the “capstone” course for the Business Honors Program. It combines all the various skills, abilities, and attitudes received in the general business curriculum, and provides students the opportunity to explore researching, crafting and recommending a strategy within the context of an applied project for a client organization. Students utilize strategy formulation dynamics including the external environment and its impact on business functioning, industry dynamics, the resource-based view of the firm, scenario planning and business level strategic choices. Strategy recommendations may include evaluating global initiatives, mergers and acquisitions, value chain activities, organizational structure, board functioning and strategic leadership, and their effects on the client’s business. Student learning is focused on conducting successful research, evaluating content, applying strategic thinking, making presentations, and recommending strategic alternatives for the client organization. The honors capstone, when satisfactorily completed substitutes for the BUS 451 capstone requirement.

Elective Courses:

Three to five Business Honors elective credits are required. See the University Catalog and semester course offerings for course availability.

Business Honors Recognition: All Business Honors courses must be taken for a letter grade, A+ through F; they may not be taken on an S/U basis. Students who successfully complete the required business honors course requirements (10-12 credit hours earning grades of 3.0 or better) and who have achieved a cumulative grade point average of 3.5 or higher will, upon graduation, receive the recognition “Graduating with Business Distinction” on their transcript. 

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