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Dr. Lori Radulovich

Lori Petrill Radulovich
:  Associate Professor in the Business Administration Division of Baldwin Wallace University. 

Current research interests:  International marketing, Domestic and Global Business Strategy, Global marketing of Professional Services (Financial and Health Care), Multicultural Global e-business marketing, Management of Intellectual Assets, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and Entrepreneurship.

Brief biographical sketch:

Cleveland State University, Cleveland, Ohio, Doctorate of Business Administration International Marketing

Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio, M.B.A. 1988, Banking & Finance

University of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania B.A. (Dual Major) Economics & Business Administration

Professional Experience:  Approximately 10 years of previous experience in the Banking Industry in the areas of Trust Investment Portfolio Administration and Investment Product Development of Key Bank.

 List of publications/presentations:

Journal Articles:  Submitted October 2004, Published December 2005

International Marketing Review, "Sustainable Competitive Advantage of Internet Firms:  An Integrative Framework and Implications for International Marketers" (with Dr. Rajshekhar Javalgi, Glenna Pendleton, 2004)

Entrepreneur Theory & Practice, Special Issue, Published May 2011, “Franchise Partnership and International Expansion: A Conceptual Framework and Research Propositions,” Conceptual Paper (with Dhruv Grewal, Gopalalkrishnan R. Iyer, & Rajshekhar Javalgi, 2011)

Refereed Conference Presentations: 

National Business and Economics Society, March 2009, "Construction of a Seasonal Subjective Performance Instrument for a Primary Industry Sector."

Academy of International Business (AIB) Annual Conference, October 2005, "An Integrative E-CRM Framework for Global E-Service Providers", Best Conference Paper Award 2005.

Society for Consumer Psychology Winter Conference 2005, "The Impact of Consumer Trust on Online Purchase Intention."

Academy of Marketing Science Annual Conference, May 2010 “Franchise Expansion into International Markets”

Society for Marketing Advances (SMA) Annual Conference, December 2008 Doctoral Consortium Representative

Research Publications in Progress:

"Internationalization of E-Services", Conceptual Paper.

"The Impact of Trust in Professional Healthcare Services", Conceptual Paper.

"The Effects of Learning Styles in Online Learning Classes", Conceptual Paper.

List of classes taught:

Executive Master of Business Administration
Marketing and Marketing Information Systems
Undergraduate Courses
Management Strategy and Policy
Corporate & Organizational Finance
Principles of Investments
Services Marketing
Consumer Behavior
Personal Finance, Introduction to Business
Introduction to Management
Introduction to Marketing
International Marketing
Marketing Research

Graduate Courses
Specialized Topical Course Instructor:  Bank Simulation of Financial Markets

Consulting work:

Healthcare profession business consulting, financial portfolio administration and management, trust and estate planning, academic charitable fund administration and management, and investment new product development.

Baldwin Wallace University Professional Development - Sherwin Williams Leading for Business Results 2010 - 2012 Seminar Financial Management and Marketing Metrics Instructor

MTD Products, Professional Development Seminar - 2011  Marketing Management Instructor

Advisory Board

John Wiley & Sons Management Faculty Advisory Board – Management Discipline

Lake Ridge Academy, Scholarship Board

  • Peer Reviewer:

  • 2012 – Peer Reviewer for Elsevier International Journal of Hospitality Management (IJHM)
  • 2012 – Reviewer of Walker & Walker (2012) Personal Finance 1e, McGraw-Hill.
  • 2011 – Reviewer of MyLab (2011) Textbook Supplemental Software Pearson/Prentice Hall
  • 2011 - Textbook Peer Reviewer of David (2012) Strategic Management, 13e, McGraw-Hill.
  • 2011 - Textbook and Supplements Peer Reviewer of Walker (2011) Personal Finance,           1e, McGraw-Hill.
  • 2010 - Textbook Peer Reviewer of Walker (2011) Personal Finance, 1e, McGraw-Hill.
  • 2010 - Reviewer of Textbook Software LearnSmart Artificial Intelligence for Personal Finance           Instruction, McGraw-Hill.
  • 2010 - Textbook Peer Reviewer of Van Syckle (2010) Anybody’s Business, 1e.Pearson/Prentice           Hall
  • 2008 - Textbook Peer Review Committee for Grewal and Levy (2006) Marketing 1e, McGraw-Hil

    Textbook Case Contributor:
  • 2012 - Fred R. David Strategic Management: Concepts & Cases 14th Edition, Netflix Case (2012),           Prentice Hall.
  • 2009 - Fred R. David Strategic Management: Concepts & Cases 13th Edition, eBay Case (2010),           Prentice Hall.

    Professional Affiliations
  • Alpha Kappa Epsilon (AKE) International Business Society
  • Academy of Marketing Science (AMS)
  • Financial Management Association International (FMA)
  • American Finance Assoication (AFA)
  • American Marketing Association (AMA)
  • Academy of Management (AOM)
  • Phi Beta Kappa National Honor Society Cleveland & Washington D.C.- Chapters 1981 - Present


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