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Dr. Henry (Skip) Lewandowski

Dr. Henry "Skip" Lewandowski is a Professor in the Business Administration Division at Baldwin Wallace University.  He teaches quantitative courses such as management science, statistics and operations management at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.  In addition to teaching, Dr. Lewandowski actively consults with companies in the areas of Lean, Six Sigma and process/quality improvement.

Prior to joining BW, Dr. Lewandowski served as the Director of the Engineering Technologies Division and the Nord Advanced Technologies Center at Lorain County Community College.  In this capacity, he oversaw all aspects of the academic division, as well as industrial outreach and training.  In addition, Dr. Lewandowski also served the College as Director of Distributed Learning, where his responsibilities include overseeing all aspects of distance learning, such as internet courses, telecourses, and off-site programs, course offerings, technical aspects, and staff members.

During the 2000-2001 academic year, Dr. Lewandowski served as Interim Vice President for Academic Affairs and Student Services as the chief academic and student services officer of the College.  In this role, he provided leadership, administration and supervision for all aspects of the educational program, including all curricula and instruction, as well as the entire range of student development and support services. 

Prior to joining LCCC in 1998, Dr. Lewandowski was associated with Delphi Packard Electric in Warren, Ohio as the Supervisor of Operations Analysis and Support.  His staff of engineers and technicians was responsible for the manufacturing computer systems as well as for operations research activities. 

After receiving his Doctorate of Engineering from Cleveland State University, Dr. Lewandowski remained at CSU as an assistant professor in the Industrial Engineering Department.  While there, he received several outstanding teaching awards as well as awards for service to students.  He was awarded a NASA Summer Faculty Fellowship where he worked in the areas of parallel processing on heterogeneous computers as well as expert system and graphical user interface development. While at CSU, he developed several systems for Delphi Packard Electric, which helped them in the competitive global automobile manufacturing arena. He published extensively and presented his ideas in both academic and industrial settings.

Dr. Lewandowski has worked for McDonnell Aircraft Company in St. Louis, Missouri. While at McDonnell, he specialized in the computer and mathematical modeling of military aircraft and their use in the field of battle.  After leaving McDonnell, Dr. Lewandowski moved to Detroit where he joined General Dynamics Land Systems Division.  As a Senior Engineer, he was again involved in the simulation of military systems, particularly the M1 Tank.  While at GD, he was responsible for an independent research and development project, which created a tactical level ground warfare simulation. 

Dr. Lewandowski received his B.S. degree in Civil Engineering and Computer Science from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology in Terre Haute, Indiana.

Partial List of publications/presentations:

"A Quantitative Examination of Student Enrollment, Success and Satisfaction in Distance Learning
Courses," TeleLearning 2003, Orlando, FL, 2003.

"Quantitative Comparison of Courses Delivered on Campus to Courses Delivered Through Distance
Learning Technologies," American Association for the Advancement of Science Annual Meeting
Abstracts Book, Boston, MA, 2002.

"Analyzing the Establishment of a Bachelor of Science Program in Computer Science and Engineering at Lorain County Community College", American Association for the Advancement of Science Annual
Meeting Abstracts Book, Boston, MA, 2002.

"Implementing Monitoring and Zooming in a Heterogeneous Distributed Jet Engine Simulation",
Simulation, Volume 69, Number 4, October 1997.

"Development of an Intelligent Monitoring and Control System for a Heterogeneous Numerical
Propulsion System Simulation", Proceedings of the 28th Annual Simulation Symposium, Phoenix, AZ,
April 9-13, 1995.

"Numerical Propulsion System Simulation", Heterogeneous Computing Challenge, Supercomputing '95,
Washington D.C., November 14-18, 1994.

"Tying It All Together - Combining Uncertainty and Creativity with Theoretical and Practical 
Knowledge in a Single Course", Proceedings of the Annual Conference of the American
Society for Engineering Education, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, June 26-29, 1994.

"Software Development: Designing for the User", Computers and Industrial Engineering, Volume 18,

"An Automated Method for the Preparation of Orthogonal Arrays for use in Taguchi Designed
Experiments", Computers and Industrial Engineering, Volume 17, 1989.

Classes taught:

  •     BUS 365 Management Science
  •     BUS 500Q Quantitative Analysis
  •     BUS 524 Management Science and Computer Models
  •     BUS 624 Operations Management




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