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Dr. Kevin Jacques

Kevin T. Jacques is the Boynton D. Murch Chair in Finance at Baldwin Wallace University.  Prior to joining the faculty at BW, Dr. Jacques spent 14 years as an economist with the U.S. Treasury Department in Washington, D.C.  Most recently, he was a senior financial economist advising Treasury and George W. Bush Administration officials on policy issues regarding the U.S. banking and financial system.  His primary policy work has been in the area of capital regulations, including the 1988 and revised Basel Accords, large bank failure resolution and systemic risk, risk measurement and management, and regulatory reform.  In 1994, he served as staff on the President's Working Group on Financial Markets examining systemic risk in domestic financial markets.  In addition, Dr. Jacques taught in the McDonough School of Business at Georgetown University.

A nationally recognized expert on matters of government regulatory policy in finance, Dr. Jacques' economic and financial commentary have received hundreds of national media citations including National Public Radio (NPR), Associated Press, Bloomberg Financial News, American Banker,,, and Yahoo! News, as well as appearing in dozens of newspapers throughout the United States. 

Dr. Jacques' research has been published in numerous journals and books and has been presented at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, and to the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision.

Dr. Jacques holds a Ph.D. in Economics from Michigan State University.

A link to all Dr. Jacques' local and national NPR interviews.


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